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First Time “D&AD Student of the Year” Awarded to School in Asia

Temasek Design School Students
First Outside United Kingdom to Win
Coveted International Award

First Time “D&AD Student of the Year” Awarded to a School
Outside of the UK in Award’s 30 Year History

Temasek Design School (TDS) has set the record as the first school outside of the UK to receive the “D&AD Student of the Year” award in the 30 year history of the D&AD Student Awards.

The student team from TDS stood out from over 3,500 international entries to win for their category, and beat worldwide competition from universities and institutions of higher learning to receive the highest accolade “D&AD Student of the Year.

Al Young, D&AD Education Chairman, said: "The quality of work across the board was the best I have ever seen. College standards have risen to such a height, that the judges agreed that much of the material exhibited by these students should have contended at a professional level“

The students’ entry, titled “Modus Transposition Virus”, is a collaborative effort of two Temasek Design School students - Reinald Chee Weng Pin from the Diploma in Interactive Media Design (IMD) and Jason Feng Jiesheng from the Diploma in Moving Images (MOI). Guided by their lecturers from IMD, Mr. Jeffrey Ang Choon Seng and from MOI Ms Gail Goodenough, their entry was developed to answer the “MTV Virus” brief from D&AD.

The TDS team developed a multi-faceted entry made up of a short film / advertisement, an interactive installation and a fully designed CD Give-away Kit, containing interactive applications to help market the campaign.

"Modus Transposition Virus: Humoral 315” is a campaign about finding creativity in self amusement and challenging the usual ways of doing things.

Said the winners, “We are pleasantly surprised with the results for both our category and Student of the Year. The work we saw equally outstanding. So it’s a great honor to come up tops in the competition.

The project has certainly come a long way, when we decided to collaborate with each other in late October 2007. The project grew and evolved, and emerged totally different from what we had originally planned. Initially, we had to do a lot of convincing and persuasion before we finally got the approval from our lecturers due to the plausibility of our concept. We are glad we stuck to our guns!”

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