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Temasek Design School Conducts First Thermometer Art Class

Temasek Design School has conducted the first ever design clinic dedicated to the graphic application of thermometer cradles.

The unusual one-off session on 12 October was to prepare for the public debut of Temasek Polytechnic’s new generation oral thermometer, a temperature badge called the iCOOL.

A team of 40 enthusiastic design students, under the supervision of TDS Manager, Tia Boon Sim and Technical Support Officer Zaihan Kariyani, converted plain thermometer cradles into stunningly attractive art pieces.

They sketched, painted, taped and sand-blasted original artwork, experimenting with various techniques to create the desired effects.

The results turned a medical device into an attractive, personalized fashion item, which can be attached to a lanyard, or pinned to collar lapels, shirt pockets, belts or bags.

The TDS team has proved an important point: that an ordinary thermometer can be beautified to become an item that any individual would be proud to wear.

Ms Tia, an accomplished architect turned educator, says: “What we have done in this design clinic can be simulated by any individual at home, provided they follow our recommended method which we will post on the website. It is a fun and creative activity, and you do not have to be an artist to be able to personalize your own thermometer cradle.”

iCOOL was created between Temasek Engineering School and Temasek Design School to answer a need: to equip individuals with the means to detect early onset of a fever and to take immediate medical attention.

This is an effective way of containing the spread of communicable diseases such as the recent H1N1 flu virus.

The iCOOL’s  unique features are light and sound sensors which when triggered, act respectively to inform users of any rise in body temperature and to remind users to take temperature readings at regular intervals.

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